Corporate Membership

CSCE’s Corporate Members are an essential part of the Society.  These entities – both from the public and private sectors – represent the practical application of civil engineering knowledge.   The link that CSCE provides between the academic members of the Society and the Corporate Members therefore represents a critical feedback loop between theory and practice.

CSCE interacts with the academic side of the profession through the Heads and Chairs of the Civil Engineering Departments of the accredited universities and technical institutes in Canada.  These academics are represented on the Board of Directors of the Society and meet annually at the CSCE conference to discuss issues of mutual interest.


In a similar manner CSCE Corporate members (Affiliates, Partners, Senior Partners, Major Partners and Premium Partners) are also represented on the Board of Directors of CSCE.  Currently, Peter Langan, Vice-President, RV Anderson is the liaison.

How to become a Corporate Member of CSCE 

CSCE has recently developed a new range of corporate membership benefits as outlined in the following summary document:

 Corporate Engagement Program Executive Summary

For any general questions or to further discuss Corporate Membership opportunities, please contact:

Mahmoud Lardjane
Membership Information and Programs Manager
Canadian Society for Civil Engineering
Tel:  514-933-2634 ext. 4