Technical Paper Awards

  • Cazimir Gzowski Medal
    As superintendent of public works of the Province of Canada, Colonel Sir Casimir Stanislaus Gzowski (1813-1898) was responsible for improving waterways and canals and constructing roads, harbours and bridges.  Later, he was involved in railroad construction and the design and construction of the international bridge at Fort Erie.  A founder of the CSCE in 1887, he served as president from 1889 to 1891.  Established by Sir Casimir in 1890, the Casimir Gzowski Medal is awarded annually for the best civil engineering paper in surveying, structural engineering or heavy construction.
  • Thomas C. Keefer Medal
    Thomas Coltrin Keefer (1821-1915), who is probably the best-known member of the Keefer dynasty, was a co-founder in 1887 of the CSCE and its first president.  He is particularly remembered for his work in the construction of canals, railways, and water supply systems (Ottawa, Hamilton, and Montreal).  His best known publications are “Philosophy of Railroads” (1849) and “The Canals of Canada” (1850).  During his career Thomas Keefer was also president of the A.S.C.E., of the Canadian Institute, and of the Royal Society of Canada.  The Keefer Medal, established in 1942, is presented annually for the best civil engineering paper in hydrotechnical, transportation or environmental engineering.
  • P.L. Pratley Award
    Philip Louis Pratley (1884-1958) came to Canada in 1906 upon completion of his studies in Britain.  His first position was with the Dominion Bridge Company on the Quebec Bridge.  Later he was for twenty years a partner of the firm, Montsarrat and Pratley, which designed such well-known bridges as the Pont Jacques Cartier, and the Lion’s Gate Bridge.  After Montsarrat’s death, Pratley continued the practice and during this period was responsible for the design of the Angus L. Macdonald Bridge and others equally notable.  In addition to his successful practice, Mr. Pratley was a prolific author and active in the Engineering Institute of Canada.  The Prix P.L. Pratley Award was established in 1987 and is awarded annually for the best paper on bridge engineering.
  • Donald Stanley Award
    The Donald R. Stanley Award was established in 2006 in honour of the late Dr. Don Stanley, a leader in the transfer of research and technology into the practice of Environmental Engineering.  In 1954, Dr. Stanley founded Stanley Associates Engineering, a one-person operation that has since grown into Stantec Inc., an international, multi-disciplinary organization with over 230 locations worldwide. The Donald Stanley Award is awarded annually for the best paper in Environmental Engineering. The CSCE wishes to acknowledge the generosity of Stantec Consulting Ltd. for the establishment of the initial endowment of the Donald Stanley Award.
  • Stephen G. Revay Award
    The Stephen G. Revay Award was established in 2005 in honour of the late Mr. Stephen G. Revay (1924-2004).  President of the CSCE in 1989-1990, Mr. Revay made outstanding contributions to several heavy engineering projects in Canada before founding his firm, Revay and Associates, in 1970, in the area of project management and construction dispute resolution.  The CSCE wishes to acknowledge the generosity of the City of Edmonton for funding this award.  The Stephen G. Revay Award is presented every two years for the best paper in the areas of construction engineering, construction management or project management.