Sustainable Infrastructure

One of CSCE’s three Strategic Directions is Leadership in Sustainable Infrastructure. This page will provide members with information relating to what we mean by Sustainable Infrastructure as well as to how CSCE is demonstrating leadership to ensure the Canadians have the public infrastructure that will support our quality of life for the very long term.

In November 2015 the CSCE Board of Directors approved a policy paper on sustainable infrastructure. This foundation document will influence the development of other related policy papers in coming years. CSCE Policy on Sustainable Infrastructure – Policy #2015-01

  • Canada’s First Infrastructure Report Card: On September 11, 2012 CSCE joined with partners the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, the Canadian Public Works Association and the Canadian Construction Association for the public launching of the first Canadian Infrastructure Report Card. Several CSCE members had key roles in the development of this Report card, including: Guy Félio (principal author), Nick Larson (Chair of CSCE’s Infrastructure Renewal Committee and data manager for the report), Reg Andres (President of CSCE and Steering Committee member) and Konrad Sui (member of IRC and advisor to the project). The full Report Card can be viewed or downloaded here.
  • Canada’s Second Infrastructure Report Card: On January 18, 2016 the second edition of the Canadian Infrastructure Report Card was issued. The full Report can be found here and the key messages of the Report here.

Award for Government Leadership in Sustainable Infrastructure: Application forms and additional information
This Award was developed in 2011 and first awarded in June 2012. The Award recognizes public sector decision makers who develop programs or projects that lead to the extension of the useful life of Canadian infrastructure. The first winner of the Award was the City of Edmonton for their Risk-Based Infrastructure Management System (RIMS). The second winner of the Award was the Ville de Quebec for their project “St. Charles River Cleanup – Phase 2 and 3. For more about this project please see the 2012 – 2013 Awards booklet – page 8 and 9

Emerging Artist Competition:
Concurrent with the competition for the Award for Governmental Leadership in Sustainable Infrastructure, CSCE also annually organizes a competition for young artists. Emerging artists in the province or region where the CSCE annual conference takes place are eligible to submit original works of art to an independent panel of judges. The winning piece is presented to the winner of the Award for Governmental Leadership in Sustainable Infrastructure. The winner of the $2500 prize is this year’s emerging artist competition was Bronwen Moen of Montreal for her work entitled “Broken Fence”. A separate on-line voting competition was also held to select a People’s Choice winner. Cara Déry won a $250 prize as the People’s Choice for her work “Haldes 8”.

A photograph of Bronwen’s painting is shown below. In the photograph (l. to r.) are Doug Salloum, Executive Director of CSCE, Kate Puxley, Emerging Artist Competition Coordinator and Daniel Lessard, Director Engineering Services, Ville de Québec