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September 2020


CSCE Student Chapters: Opportunities for Professional Development

Alan Lloyd, PhD – Chair, CSCE Student Affairs Committee
Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering, University of New Brunswick

A New School Year Unlike Any Other: New Challenges, New Opportunities?

In past years, at the beginning of a news school year, I would welcome you filled with enthusiasm and tell you how eventful and successful the past school year had been and how excited and hopeful I was for the upcoming one.

Yes, the past school year was eventful, but ended in a rather bizarre manner. It has been a new and sobering experience for all of us, but I do hope that you are all well and healthy during these difficult times. I am sure that your respective schools have been hard at work preparing to deliver the best learning experience to you. Whether your new school year begins with remote learning, in-person classes, or a hybrid model, let us all continue to put our safety and health first.

The COVID-19 pandemic was disruptive to the 2019/2020 academic year, but we rose magnificently to the challenge; our individual and collective acts of determination, creativity and just plain hard work shone through. The CSCE Student Affairs committee would like to applaud all our students for showing an unmatched resilience and great leadership in these extraordinary times, and our faculty advisors for showing compassion and caring for our students while adapting to their new reality of online learning and virtual student engagement. Moving forward, let us continue to care for one another and support each other the best way we can. I will especially ask that we all keep our international students in our thoughts, and support them whenever we can, and together we will overcome this, we will become stronger as a result of the lessons we learn today. Let all your activities as student chapters and organizations be guided by your institution’s requirements and by local and provincial prevention plans. The containment of this pandemic is in all of our hands. 

Wash Your Hands.
Wear Your Mask. Watch Your Distance.

As chair of student affairs, I cannot honestly tell you that I have got this new academic year all figured out. But one thing I know is that the CSCE values its student members and we will continue to provide you with opportunities and

experiences that stimulate early professional consciousness. We will work together with you to turn our challenges into new learning opportunities. We will aggressively pursue the CSCE mentorship program for you to continue to connect with seasoned professionals who would provide you insights into our profession Student Affairs will continue to work hard in collaboration with the CSCE Regional Coordinating Committee to build connections between student chapters and regional and local CSCE sections, and to provide you with consistent engagement throughout the school year. I ask all student chapter leaders to email me and I will put you in contact with CSCE leaders in your region.

Further, keep an eye on our website. We will be posting news, links to new resources and webinar opportunities to help new and existing student chapters. Times have truly changed, and more now than ever before, your active participation in your student chapter will prove enriching for you as you begin making those lifelong professional contacts.

Unprecedented Student Participation at Fredericton, NB

Charles-Darwin Annan, Ph.D., P.Eng.
Chair, CSCE Student Affairs Committee

The 2018 CSCE Annual conference in Fredericton, NB, in mid-June recorded an unprecedented participation of CSCE student members from every corner of Canada. In fact, the experience as expressed by the students themselves was beyond just participation. For CSCE, it was a huge step forward in achieving its core strategic direction to grow with the youth. As National Chair of Student Affairs, I would like to thank my committee members, the Young Professionals (YP) team, and every volunteer who worked diligently to ensure this great success and to provide the right platform for our students to initiate valuable professional contacts.

Congratulations to UBC Vancouver for winning the President’s Award for the most Outstanding CSCE Student Chapter; Western and BCIT Student Chapters scooped second and third places, respectively; Concordia and Laval made the most significant improvement, and UNB and Waterloo received honourable mentions for the most consistent performance. Mr. Martin Bolo, faculty advisor for BCIT Student Chapter, received a Certificate of Commendation for his outstanding contribution to his Chapter.

Congratulations also go to Université de Sherbrooke for winning the National Civil Engineering Capstone Design Competition; UBC Okanagan and Memorial University of Newfoundland for taking second and third places, respectively. École de techechnologie supérieure (ÉTS) was the winner of both the Canadian National Concrete Canoe and the Canadian National Steel Bridge competitions. Congratulations, ÉTS.

Individual students also made their mark in the student research paper and presentation competition. Congratulations to: Laurent Gérin from University of Waterloo for winning the Structural Specialty Award; Thomas MacLean from University of New Brunswick for winning the Materials Specialty Award; Timothy Vogel from University of Saskatchewan for winning the Environmental Specialty Award; Jacob Stolle from University of Ottawa for winning the Disaster Mitigation specialty Award; Danny Haines from University of Calgary for winning the Transportation Specialty Award; and Henry Helmer-Smith from Royal Military College of Canada for winning in the General Conference category.

This is the time to get involved. This is the time to make your FREE student membership count and be part of a rewarding experience. Get involved in your CSCE Student Chapter today and begin those lifelong and valuable professional contacts.

Dr. Charles-Darwin Annan is an associate professor of civil engineering at Université Laval and can be reached at


Dr. John Adam Gales, York University (Member) –

Dr. Alan Lloyd, University of New Brunswick (Member) –

Dr. Ali Imanpour, University of Alberta (Member) –

Dr. Saber Moradi, Ryerson University (Member) –


Click here for a list of Student Chapters with contact information for Chapter Presidents and Faculty Advisors.

DONALD JAMIESON FELLOWSHIP Established in 1987 in honour of the late Donald Jamieson, a prominent and talented structural engineer from Vancouver, B.C., the fellowship is awarded to full-time graduate students in structural engineering at a Canadian University. Please contact the civil engineering department at your university for application details.

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