The CSCE Mentorship Program


We have all felt the benefits from the guidance of a senior colleague. Now is the time for you to guide our younger members by sharing your knowledge and experience. Help guide the development of a younger member of the Society while gaining insight into the incoming generation.


If you are looking for career guidance and real world advice about the realities of professional life, sign up to be a mentee.

Sign up now to be considered for the first round of the program. Spaces are limited!


The first round of mentor & protégé pairings will occur in late fall and will be considered a beta test of the program. Based on the comments from this first round of participants, there may be minor updates to the program as described below.

  • Mentors and Mentees are asked to commit to the program for 12 months but they can choose to renew on their own terms if both parties are in agreement after that.
  • A written agreement is required to ensure that both parties benefit from the program and are working towards a common goal. Evaluation forms are posted below.
  • It is expected that meetings will occur at least twice a year with 4 to 6 meetings being recommended.
  • Meetings may be in person or by telephone; however, face to face contact is recommended at least once per year.
  • Each meeting should allow enough time for discussion of goals, as well as questions from the Mentee concerning their professional and/or personal development.
  • Both Mentee and Mentor will be expected to provide a final evaluation of their experience at the end of the formal program. See below for evaluation forms.


Mentor & Protégé Agreement  (pdf)  (doc)
Program Evaluation Form – Mentor  (pdf)  (doc)
Program Evaluation Form – Protégé  (pdf)  (doc)

Please Note: All communication must be related to professional development and career navigation, while avoiding discussions that may reveal competitive information and/or professional liability.

For more information on the CSCE Mentor & Protégé Program, please contact:
Peter Calcetas
Chair, CSCE Member Services Committee