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The purpose of this partnership is to advance sustainable infrastructure practices in Canada by accelerating the use of the Envision sustainable infrastructure framework.

Envision is a holistic sustainability framework and rating system that enables a thorough examination of the sustainability and resiliency of all types of infrastructure. It is the only comprehensive tool in North America that can assist government agencies and their consultants and contractors in delivering infrastructure that tackles communities’ most pressing challenges, including improving the quality of life for everyone, creating quality jobs, increasing economic growth, supporting climate resilience, reducing emissions, and cultivating social equity and cohesiveness.

Envision sets the standard for what constitutes sustainable infrastructure and incentivizes higher performance goals beyond minimum requirements.

CSCE and ISI are equally committed to improving civil infrastructure which includes providing training and tools such as Envision to the civil engineering profession to advance the sustainability, equity, and resiliency of the built environment.

Under the direction of the CSCE Executive Director, the Envision Canada Program Manager works with the CSCE-ISI Joint Task force to achieve three main goals:

  • Improving awareness and uptake: Promoting the benefits of Envision and advocating for its application to Canadian infrastructure.
  • Building capacity: Ensuring there are sufficient resources to successfully apply the Envision framework in Canada.
  • Fostering innovation: Demonstrating how Envision fits in the Canadian context and represents Canadian needs and values.

Visit www.envisioncanada.com for more information on the program, how to become a member organization or qualified Envision Sustainability Professional, project awards, and more.

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