International Region

Vice-President International

The Vice-President – International is responsible for recruitment of institutional and individual members outside of Canada, for promoting and supporting services for those CSCE members, and for overseeing the operations of CSCE Branches.  (Presently, the CSCE has one Branch in Hong Kong – click here for contact info.) As a member of the CSCE Board of Directors, the VP-International is also an advocate for CSCE members working or living in foreign lands.

Institutional Members International (IMIs)

International institutional membership is an extension of the existing institutional membership for Canadian university civil engineering (or civil engineering-related) departments.  SEE MEMBERSHIP – INSTITUTIONAL MEMBERS INTERNATIONAL.

Join CSCE International on LinkedIn!

The CSCE has created a LinkedIn group called CSCE International.  This private group is for CSCE members interested in the CSCE’s international activities, and in foreign engineering issues, projects, and research.  To request membership, go to CSCE International on LinkedIn, click Join, and your request will be reviewed by a group manager. In addition, a subgroup called CSCE International Members has been created for CSCE members living outside of Canada.

CSCE Branch Policy

The CSCE Board of Directors has adopted a Branch Policy Statement concerning the formation and operations of CSCE Branches.  The policy states that any group of 15 or more individual CSCE members-in-good-standing (excluding students) residing in close proximity in a single foreign country or special administrative region who are registered with and paying dues to the CSCE National Office (Montreal) may submit a proposal, with a signed petition, to create a Branch.  The applicants should send the proposal and petition to the VP-International for review.  If upon review the proposal is deemed acceptable, the VP-International will present the proposal to the CSCE Board of Directors (which normally meets twice a year) for a decision as to whether to create the branch.  For further information on CSCE’s Branch Policy Statement, please contact the VP-International.

Travelling to Hong Kong? 

The CSCE is looking for volunteers to make technical presentations to members of the CSCE Hong Kong Branch and (or) the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (HKIE).  This is strictly on a volunteer basis, with no payment for spent time or travel expenses.  If interested, please send an outline of your presentation and a brief resume at least 10 weeks in advance of your trip to Rishi Gupta CSCE VP-International.

Government of Canada Travel Advice and Advisories 

Official information and advice from the Government of Canada on situations that may affect your safety and well-being abroad:

Other Travel Information:

International Affairs Committee

The International Affairs Committee (IAC) is a Program Committee reporting to the VP-Technical Programs.  Information on CSCE’s International Affairs Committee (IAC) can be found here.