Karleigh Pihowich


Project Coordinator
Graham Construction & Engineering, Saskatoon
Chair of CSCE Saskatoon Section

What my job is:

My job is a Senior Project Coordinator with Graham Construction and Engineering. I am stationed on site full-time and am responsible for providing assistance to a Project Manager and Superintendent in the trade coordination, scheduling, quantity surveying, reporting, pricing, and quality control functions of a project.

Why I became a civil engineer:

Karleigh PihowichMy original interest in Civil Engineering came from my strong abilities and interest in math and physics in high school. Throughout my undergrad years I learned what engineering actually is and developed a love for construction. I love being involved with the day-to-day operations of construction which provides me the opportunity to solve problems on-the-fly, work with a team to execute all components of a new project (structural, architectural, mechanical, electrical, earthworks, etc.), and leave my mark on the city I call home. In my field of work there are never two projects or two days that are alike which always keeps things exciting and provides new learning opportunities. My favorite thing about being a Civil Engineer in the construction field is the satisfying feeling of seeing all the completed projects I’ve been involved with and knowing that my efforts contributed to their existence.

The project I worked on that I think best represents sustainable infrastructure:

I am currently working on the renovation of a building wing on the University campus. Due to the ever-changing needs of this facility we are building to meet the needs of today, while considering future use of this space and planning for forthcoming construction in other areas of the building. Although this project is not working toward LEED Certification we are still implementing some of the sustainability goals outlined with the LEED program including waste management, indoor air quality, low emitting materials, and erosion and sedimentation control.