Cathy Lynn Borbely


Director, Planning and Policy Division, Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure,
Province of Saskatchewan

What my job is:

I lead the strategic planning process for the Saskatchewan Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure. My expertise is in project management and results based strategic orientation that includes all levels of the organization influencing our future transportation network. The planning process is rooted around citizen’s needs and delivering programs that meet the demands of an export trade economy and growing population.

Cathy Lynn Borbely
“Engaging participants at planning workshops”

Why I became a civil engineer:

My father says he saw the potential for me having a career in engineering from watching me build cities in my sandbox. As the daughter of a local politician, my mother broke barriers and encouraged me to choose a path that would make me happy and contributed to improving the lives of people. Engineering seemed like a natural fit and a way to use both logic and creativity to solve complex problems. I was fortunate to have role models like my parents and friends who supported my choice of civil engineering at a time when few women were in civil engineering practice.

The project I worked on that I think best represents sustainable infrastructure:

Sustainability encompasses economic, social and environmental considerations. My organization’s long term planning horizon uses these pillars and demand based, outward focused, forward looking principles to set a framework for planning the future transportation network for the province. Although it is not a physical structure, it lays the foundation for sound decision making while taking into account fiscal realities. It builds on knowing where we came from, understanding the current situation and creating the best future for the next generation.