Design for Accessibility

The Canadian Society for Civil Engineering is working to ensure that Canada’s private and public infrastructure is fully accessible for all persons with disabilities. The CSCE President’s Task Force on Accessibility was formed in 2017 to promote Universal Design principles in the education and practice of civil engineers, and to partner with other technical, professional and governmental organizations with similar goals.

Current accessibility codes and standards represent basic, minimal standards often conveyed in complex detail appropriate for new large projects. By incorporating the “lived experience” of persons with disabilities, CSCE intends to help identify issues that are often overlooked in design, adjustments that can be done easily at low cost, and flexible design approaches that can be readily modified in later use.  The CSCE hopes to accelerate accessibility and Universal Design principles into engineering education and practice across Canada. This website portal includes the CSCE’s recent work on accessibility that members can utilize in design, advocacy, and professional development.

Fully Accessible Housing for All

Go Beyond the Accessibility Codes!

Universal Design Guide

If you would like to get involved with accessibility for all persons with disabilities or would simply like more information, please contact Alan Perks, FCSCE and Past President.