Transportation Division

Division Chair’s September 2017 message to all interested CSCE members.

Division Chair’s September 2016 message to all interested CSCE members.

Transportation Division provides technical and organizational support for the Society’s various activities related to the area of transportation engineering.  The Division is dedicated to promoting the technical excellence and academic merits pertaining to the planning, design, management, and operation of transportation infrastructures and systems within the Canadian context.  The Division has made significant contributions to various CSCE programs and technical activities over the past years, such as organizing the bi-annual Transportation Specialty Conferences, developing short training courses and national touring lectures, representing CSCE at the TAC Chief Engineers’ Council, and preparing special issues for Canadian Journal for Civil Engineering and Canadian Civil Engineers.  In recent years, the Division has substantially increased its visibility and reputation by participating or organizing a series of international transportation conferences and workshops, such as 2011 & 2013 International Conference on Transportation Information and Safety (ICTIS) in China and 2012 Canada-China Winter Transportation Symposium (CCWTS) in Canada.

The members of the Transportation Division have been actively conducting a wide spectrum of engineering and research activities, nationally and internationally, in various fields, such as:

  • Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS),
  • connected vehicles,
  • road safety,
  • winter road maintenance,
  • activity-based transportation planning,
  • pavement design and management,
  • and applications of geographic information systems (GIS) and remote sensing.

In order to achieve a safe, effective and environmentally friendly transportation, the members of CSCE Transportation Division, who serve at various levels of government agencies, research institutes, universities and consulting firms, are striving for the excellence in the planning, design, operation, maintenance and management of our transportation systems on a daily basis.

Executive Committee of CSCE Transportation Division


Michel Khouday 
P.Eng., M.Eng., PMP, C.Adm., M.B.A., Ph.D
Dr. Khouday is a past president of CSCE (2020)

Past Chair: Gordon Lovegrove. University of British Columbia
Interests: Transportation planning, Traffic data analysis, and Applications of GIS and remote sensing in transportation

Past Chair: Ming Zhong,University of Regina,,   Interests: Transportation planning, Traffic data analysis, and Applications of GIS and remote sensing in transportation

Past Chair: Liping Fu, University of Waterloo, Interests: ITS, Winter road maintenance and operation, Safety and Intelligent paratransit.

Past Chair: Said Easa, Ryerson University, Interests: Highway Geometric Design and Road Safety, Human Factors in Transportation, Traffic Operations and Management, Modeling of Transportation Networks, Transportation Systems Logistics, Intelligent Transportation Systems, and Geographic Information Systems.

  1. Secretary/Treasurer: Tony Qiu, University of Alberta, Interests: ITS,
    Traffic modeling and simulation, Traffic operation and control, Traffic state detection, estimation and prediction, Urban traffic safety analysis, and Connected vehicle / IntelliDrive / Vehicle infrastructure integration (VII)
  2. CSCE IAC’s China Liaison Officer: Andrew Liu (Joint appointment with CSCE International Affairs Committee), Saskatchewan Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure, Interests: Transportation policy study, Highway preservation, Traffic loading study, and Traffic data and safety analysis.
  3. CSCE Representative at TAC Chief Engineers Council: Susan Tighe, University of Waterloo. Interests: Pavement materials, design and management, infrastructure management, airport engineering, and sustainability.
  4. Chris Lee, University of Windsor, Interests:  Traffic operation and control; Traffic safety; Driver behaviour; Intelligent transportation systems; and Highway design.
  5. Harold Retzlaff, Saskatchewan Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure, Interests: Transportation planning
  6. James Luo, BC Ministry of Transportation, Interests: Transportation safety and planning.
  7. Dr. Ciprian Alecsandru of Concordia University,