Technical Publications

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Want to get involved with the CSCE but don’t know how? Why not become a member of the newly created CSCE Technical Publications Committee?

The goal of the Technical Program Committee is to develop strategies and activities to improve members’ opportunities to publish and access research material. A secondary goal, and in many ways, more important is to make the general public aware of what great civil engineering research is being done in Canada. For this to happen, we need more members from industry and consulting, at all experience levels.

So think about it and if interested, contact Linda Newton for more information.

1.  Implement indexing of CSCE conference (new and past) proceedings in SCOPUS and Google Scholar:

  • Confirm requirements for new conferences
  • Prepare submission/application in conjunction with national office
  • Examine what needed for past conferences
  • Priority Google Scholar, then SCOPUS

2.  Work with National office to implement access to CSCE proceedings for all members and public access for ‘draft’ proceedings

  • Define requirements including determine database requirements
  • Investigate costs

3.  Revise guidance for promoting member publications through CSCE

  • Draft prepared in 2016, awaiting BOD response

4.  Revise CSCE Conference Publication Guidelines

Commitee Members 2016 – 2018

Name Position Email Telephone
Linda Newton Chair 613 949-7932
Adel Francis 514 396-8415
Jeff Rankin 506 453-4618
Ahmad Jrade 613 562-5800 ext.6218
Farnaz Sadeghpour 403 210-6932
Qiuyuan Yuan 204 474-8604
Haibo Niu Haibo.Niu@Dal.Ca 902 893-6714
Mike Bartlett (Ex-officio) 519 661-2130
Medhat Shehata 416 979-5000 ext 6457