Sustainable Development

The SDC provides leadership and expertise to the CSCE with respect to sustainable development and in particular with respect to sustainable engineering practice.

  • Water and Energy Conservation
  • Sustainable Transportation (e.g., Mass Transit Systems)
  • LEED/Green Planning and Urban Development
  • Sustainable Material Use (construction of roads, embankment, dams, etc)
  • Urban Sustainability
  • Northern Canada Development
  • Brownfield Remediation
  • Naturalized Stormwater Management (e.g., Porous Pavements, Constructed Wetlands)
  • International Sustainable Development
  • Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation
  • Disaster Mitigation Planning
  • Resource Conservation and Efficiency
  • Integrated Waste Management
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Historical Building Conversion and Renovation
  • Green Building Design (e.g., Roof Gardens, recycle and use of materials, energy efficiency, high SRI materials)
  • Environmental Life Cycle Analyses
  • Material Flow Analyses
  • Full-cost Accounting
  • Economic Life Cycle Analysis
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Environmental Planning and Monitoring
  • Sustainability Indicators


Gord Lovegrove,

PhD, P.Eng.(BC), M.CSCE, F.ITE
Web page
UBC Okanagan, School of Engineering


Kerry E. Black, PhD.
University of Calgary


Ata Khan,

Ph.D., P.Eng.(ON), F.CSCE., F.ITE.
Web page
Carleton University, Civil & Environmental Engineering

Catherine Mulligan,

PhD, P.Eng. (QC), F.CSCE
Web page
Concordia Research Chair in Geoenvironmental Sustainability

Al Perks,

P.Eng. (ON, retired), M.CSCE
Adjunct Faculty, University of Ottawa