Structures Division

Division Chair’s September 2017 message to all interested CSCE members.

Division Chair’s September 2016 message to all interested CSCE members.

The mission of the CSCE Structures Division committee is to foster world class excellence in Structural Engineering in Canada and to promote collaboration in Structural Engineering between the academia, the industry and various levels of governments in Canada.

The vision of the division is to provide a platform for exchange of knowledge and collaboration between the academia, industry and government officials in order to work together to solve in a sustainable manner the problems and challenges facing the Canadian infrastructure system.

The short term goal of the division is to establish communication between government officials, academics and industry practitioners. The following action items are proposed during 2016/17

  1. Update the membership list and recruit new members from the academia
  2. Develop a website for the Division
  3. Ask each committee chair to develop a plan for his committee activities including the list of committee members.
  4. Increase the participation of industry and government officials by forming an industry liaison committee
  5. Develop newsletter for the division. This can include articles about interesting projects conducted by industry or innovative research conducted at universities
  6. Establish a system for communication and consultation among the executive body of the division, which will consist of the division chair, vice-chair, past chair and committee chairs. This will be done though emails, a conference call meeting during the year, and the yearly face-to-face meeting during the annual conference (video conference will be also arranged during this meeting).


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Technical Committees in this Division are:

• Advanced Composite Committee: Amir Fam

• Buried Structures Committee: Hany Elnaggar

• Masonry Structures Committee: Khaled Galal

• Steel Structures Committee: Charles Anan

• Structural Dynamics: Girma Bitsuamlak

• Concrete Structures: Shahria Alam

• Bridge Committee: Adel Zaki

• Wood Structures Committee: Asif Iqbal

• Fire Behaviour and Safety of Structures: John Gales

• Industry Liaison: Ahmed Hamada