Asset Management Committee

The Asset Management Committee (AMC) develops CSCE’s leadership role in advancing multidisciplinary research and professional practice of infrastructure asset management across Canada. The AMC, which reports to the Vice-President, Programs Coordinating Committee, is mandated to

  1. champion and coordinate the development of national infrastructure assessment programs, such as the Canadian Infrastructure Report Card;
  2. work collaboratively with Infrastructure Canada, Statistics Canada, Canadian Network of Asset Managers, Federation of Canadian Municipalities, and other stakeholders to achieve the goals of the committee;
  3. promote civil engineers as technical leaders in infrastructure asset management;
  4. advance multidisciplinary research and development of infrastructure asset management;
  5. develop knowledge dissemination venues for infrastructure asset management practice and research through CSCE conferences and the Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering;
  6. develop a repository of national experts in infrastructure asset management.

• Asset management systems
• Asset management capacity building
• Case studies
• Climate change mitigation and adaptation
• Data governance
• Education and curriculum development
• Environmental, Societal and Governance (ESG) based decision making
• Funding and financing
• Inspection, maintenance and rehabilitation technologies
• Quantifying sustainability and resilience
• Risk and reliability

Arnold Yuan

(Committee Chair)
Toronto Metropolitan University

Committee members:

Mike Benson

(Past Chair)
University of New Brunswick
Brandon Searle
University of New Brunswick
Nick Larson
Ontario Clean Water Agency
Susan Jacob
R.V. Anderson