History Committee

The Mandate of the National History Committee of the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering is to increase public and professional awareness of Civil Engineers and Civil Engineering as an integral part of Canadian history, heritage and society.

The Canadian Society for Civil Engineering has stated that “it is a learned society intended to develop and maintain high standards of civil engineering practice in Canada and to enhance the public image of the civil engineering profession”. One aspect of this mandate is to ensure that tangible records of significant historic civil engineering achievements are preserved as part of the heritage of the people of Canada, and in esteem of the civil engineers and others who worked alongside them. To this end, the Society’s Board of Directors has mandated the National History Committee with responsibility to increase awareness of civil engineers and civil engineering as an integral part of Canadian history, heritage and society.

Accordingly the Objectives of the History Program of the National History Committee are to:

  1. Identify and inventory civil engineering works which are of historic significance. The inventory is to list their locations and salient features
  2. Promote greater public and professional recognition of works considered significant by such means as commemorative plaques and by disseminating information about location, accessibility and important features
  3. Encourage study and research into historic aspects of civil engineering in general, and in related fields such as industrial archaeology, preservation technology and social and economic impacts
  4. Arrange for the preparation and offering of papers for presentation at meetings of the Society or other forums, preferably with consideration for peer reviewed publication, and to encourage the publication of articles of general interest about historic civil engineering works and the lives and achievements of civil engineers
  5. Cooperate with other organizations, public and private, on all matters of mutual interest including heritage
  6. Record the contributions of notable civil engineers and others through oral history interviews, and ensure that these interviews are available to members of the Society and the public
  7. Arrange for the preservation and safe keeping of historic civil engineering documents and artefacts, and the personal papers and artefacts of historic potential of prominent civil engineers by appropriate public archives and museums or in private collections where permission for scholarly access has been covenanted
  8. Encourage the preservation of historic civil engineering structures and works and public access to the sites, by providing expert advice as may be helpful to the owners and local heritage interests
  9. Provide advice on the preservation and accessibility of the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering’s records of meetings, conference proceedings, and publications, and on the archives of the Engineering Institute of Canada which includes those of the original Canadian Society of Civil Engineers
  10. Recognize outstanding contributions in support of the National History Committee’s mandate through honours and awards
  11. Increase the Committee’s financial resources so it can provide funding to help carry out its activities
  12. Seek out new initiatives including items not specifically listed in these Objectives which support the Mandate of the Committee and benefit the profession and the public.

Information to come.

If you have an immediate question about this committee, please contact:

Dr. Michael Bartlett

(519) 661- 3659
University of Western Ontario






  • Brooks Aqueduct, Brooks (1988)
  • Edmonton, Yukon and Pacific Railway, Edmonton (1996)
  • Lethbridge Viaduct, Lethbridge (2001)
  • Centre Street Bridge, Calgary (2006)
  • BCATP – Hangar 14 and Blatchford Field, Edmonton (2012)


  • Canadian Pacific Railway, Craigellachie (1987)
  • Kettle Valley Railway, Midway (1988)
  • Lions Gate Bridge, Vancouver (1991)
  • Naden Graving Dock, Esquimalt (1998)
  • Ogden Point Breakwater and Docks, Victoria (2001)
  • BCATP – Patricia Bay Airfield, Victoria (2012)
  • Mosquito Creek Bridge, North Vancouver (2015)



  • Snare River Hydro Electric Scheme (2008)
  • Town of Inuvik Infrastructure (2012)


  • Grand Rapids Tramway, Grand Rapids (1987)
  • St. Andrew’s Lock and Dam, Lockport (1990)
  • Shoal Lake Aqueduct, Winnipeg (1994)
  • The Manitoba Floodway (2010)


  • Broadway Bridge, Saskatoon (1985)


  • Hamilton Pumping Station, Hamilton (1983)
  • Prince Edward Viaduct, Toronto (1986)
  • Trent-Severn Waterway (1987)
  • Queen Elizabeth Way (1990)
  • St. Clair Tunnel, Sarnia (1990)
  • Lakehead Grain Silos, Thunder Bay (1990)
  • R.C. Harris Filtration Plant, Toronto (1992)
  • Alexandra Bridge, Ottawa (1995)
  • BCATP Airfields –
  • Oshawa (1999)
  • Dunnville (2003)
  • Mount Hope (2006)
  • Kettle Creek Bridge, St. Thomas (2000)
  • Toronto Subway (2005)
  • Niagara Generating Stations, Niagara Falls (2005)
  • Fleet Street Water Pumping Station, Ottawa (2011)
  • Blackfriars Bridge, London (2015)
  • Egerton Street Double Sewer, London (2015)


  • Ottawa River Canals (1984)
  • Victoria Bridge, Montreal (1987)
  • Fortifications of Quebec City (1992)
  • Chambly Canal (1997)
  • Lachine Canal (2002)
  • Jacques Cartier Bridge, Montreal (2005)
  • Arvida Bridge, Saguenay (2007)
  • Atwater Treatment Plant, Montreal (2013)
  • Tracel Cap Rouge, Quebec (2013)


  • Newfoundland Railway (1989)
  • St. John’s Water Supply (2009)
  • Petty Harbour Hydro Electric Generating Station (2009)
  • The Lighthouses of Newfoundland and Labrador (2009)


  • Shubenacadie Canal, Dartmouth (1984)
  • Chignecto Marine Railway (1989)
  • Ocean Terminals, Halifax (1998)
  • Angus L. Macdonald Bridge, Halifax (2014)
  • Robie Street Reservoir, Halifax (2014)
  • Halifax Graving Dock (2014)


  • Reversing Falls Bridges, St. John (1987)
  • King’s College, Fredericton (1993)
  • BCATP – Moncton Airfield (2003)
  • Intercolonial Railway (2003)
  • Acadian Aboiteau (2013)

With the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE):

  • Quebec Bridge, Ste-Foy (1987)
  • White Pass and Yukon Railway, Whitehorse/Skagway (1994)
  • Alaska Highway, Dawson Creek (1996)
  • Bridges of Niagara (2005)

With the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE)

  • Cape Bonavista Lighthouse, Newfoundland and Labrador (2009)

With La Asociación de Ingenieros de Caminos, Canales y Puertos de España (AICCP)

  • The Whirlpool (Spanish) Aero Car, Niagara Falls, Ontario (2010)

Jointly with ASCE and AICCP

  • Captain George Vancouver’s Survey and Mapping of the West Coast of North America, Vancouver, BC (2009) 


  • High Level Bridge, Edmonton (1987)


  • Upper Middle Road Bridge, Mississauga (2009)


  • Albert Memorial Bridge, Regina (1999)
  • South Saskatchewan Weir, Saskatoon (2004)
  • Regina Powerhouse, Regina (2015)

YUKON (1):

  • Canadian Klondike Mining Dredge #4 (2012)