Institutional Members International (IMIs)

International institutional membership is an extension of the existing institutional membership for Canadian university civil engineering (or civil engineering related) departments. This class of membership is already creating close relationships among Canadian universities to the benefit of both staff and students.

To become a CSCE international institutional member, the applicant on behalf of their institution should submit to the CSCE team pertinent information about the applying institution, for proper evaluation by the CSCE membership admission committee. Once the application is approved, the institution will be granted CSCE institutional membership, plus two individual memberships available to staff members —conditional on their qualification as members of CSCE and the possibility to advertise job announcements on the CSCE web site. The annual fee for international institutional membership is Cdn$550.00.

CSCE, upon acceptance, will hotlink appropriate pages of the CSCE website with the website of the applicant Institution.

Current IMIs

The CSCE will advise the applicant Institution of the appropriate benefits to which the applicant institution members are eligible.

International Affairs Committee

Information on CSCE’s International Affairs Committee (IAC) can be found here