Strategic Directions

In June 2012, the Board of Directors approved the following three Strategic Directions for CSCE. These three Strategic Directions will be integrated into all aspects of CSCE’s operation over the coming years. This section of the website will report on progress made in the implementation of actions that support the Strategic Directions:

1. Enhanced Member Services
CSCE will provide more services and benefits to members within all areas of civil engineering activity

2. Growing With Youth
CSCE will develop programs and benefits that will support students and Young Professionals, targeted to their specific career development needs

3. Leadership In Sustainable Infrastructure
CSCE will influence how public infrastructure in Canada is planned, designed, constructed and maintained

Vision 2020 August 2012 Communication to Members

Discussion document from Premiers’ meeting on Infrastructure – August 6, 2014

Report from Asset Management Roundtable – March 19, 2015

Strategic Initiatives Report Cards

Your Board of Directors was very successful in accomplishing the Strategic Initiatives they committed to for 2016, as shown in the following report, issued to all members in January 2017

Strategic Accomplishments of 2016

Your Board of Directors met in November, 2016 in Montreal with representatives of all Regions and Technical Divisions to set Strategic objectives for 2017. The following report summarizes what the Board is committed to accomplish in 2017.

Strategic Objectives for 2017

CSCE Board of Directors continues its commitment to our Strategic Planning process and has made the following reports available to the members: Strategic Accomplishments of 2015 and  Strategic initiatives 2016 – January

A new set of strategic initiatives for the Board of Directors was developed and committed to at the annual Board workshop in Toronto during the weekend of November 22-23, 2014, as summarized on the CSCE Strategic Initiatives Report for 2015. The Board of Directors will report to the members on progress made against these commitments in June 2015.

Progress has been made on all of the 2015 Strategic Initiatives committed to by the Board of Directors in January of this year. Please see the June 2015 update on our Strategic Initiatives here for more details on what we have accomplished so far this year.

In June of 2014 the Board of Directors of CSCE committed to several strategic initiatives: CSCE Strategic Initiatives Report Card June 2014  .

The Board of Directors are proud to provide members with the CSCE Strategic Accomplishments of 2014  report which outlines progress made on the strategic initiatives in the period June to December, 2014.

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