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Organizational Chart

The Society has local Sections across Canada which provide regular technical programs, supplemented with special technical workshops and seminars of special interest to that community. Through participation at the local level, members have an opportunity to keep up to date on current Civil Engineering practices, local projects, and to network with colleagues within the community.
Technical Divisions and Committees organize specialty technical conferences and state-of-the-art publications. Membership provides an opportunity to maintain an edge in current technical advancements in the profession.

The CSCE is governed by a Board of Directors representing the following sectors of the Society:

  • Regional Coordinating Committee supporting the Society’s Local Sections in hosting events, communications, membership initiatives and succession planning;
  • Programs Coordinating Committee – Technical Divisions, comprising representatives of all the Technical Divisions, and responsible nationally for the provision of technical programs and publications;
  • Programs Coordinating Committee – Technical Programs responsible nationally for Career Development Programs, National Lecture Tours, International Affairs, and Education and Research;
  • Administration Coordinating Committee responsible for business development, financial planning and accounting, honours and fellowships, student affairs, communications and publications, history, and membership services.

Organizational Chart

Organization chart CSCE