Innovation and IT Technical Committee

The mission statements of this committee are:

  • To improve the image of civil engineering as a progressive career choice and occupation with respect to emerging technologies.
  • To bring the members of the Canadian civil engineering society closer to the emerging technologies.
  • To foster the development of new applications for emerging technologies and search for effective ways to transfer them to practice.
  • To establish the network between the leaders of various disciplines of civil engineering who are involved in the conceptual, computational and technical aspects of innovation in Canada.
  • To provide a forum for interchange and co-operation among those interested in the aspect of innovation.
  • To recognise the Innovation and IT activities in Canada and liaise with International Civil Engineering Societies on similar activities.

The regular activities can be summarized as follows:

  • Organisation of special sessions on Innovation and IT during the CSCE Annual Conference
  • Organisation of National/Regional technical tours, educational seminars and working groups in innovations and IT in civil engineering.
  • Setting-up Specialty conferences in Innovation & IT in civil engineering.
  • Publication of an Electronic Newsletter when needed.
  • Maintenance of committee information on CSCE website.
  • Coordination of Special issues of the Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering and of the CCE devoted to Innovation and IT in civil engineering.

Current activities can be found in the “On going activities” on this website.

  • Continue to administrate the two Awards: Whitman Wright Award for Excellence in IIT in Civil Engineering, and Excellence in Innovation in Civil Engineering Award
  • Explore potential collaboration with national/international associations in terms of participation in and/or contribution to the organizing of innovation and IT related events, i.e. conferences or workshops.
  • CSCE Lead in ICE-ASCE-CSCE Cooperative Body for “Codes and Standards: opportunities for common efforts”

Innovation and IT Technical Committee – List of Members (2012)






Chair George Akhras Royal Military College of Canada


Smart materials and structures
Past Chair Simon Foo Public Works and Government Sservices Canada


Structures, engineering risk management
Member Nourreddine Benichou National Research Council Fire, structures
Member Philippe Chang Universidad Nacional de Colombia Sede Manizales Modeling, hydraulics
Member Samir Chidiac McMaster University Structural materials, concrete repair technologies, numerical methods, stone masonry structures
Member Y. H. Han Fluor Alberta, Calgary Geotechnical, soil-structure interaction
Member O. Burkan Isgor Carleton University Finite Element Modeling
Member David Lau Carleton University Earthquake, dynamics
Member  Lan Lin Concordia University Structural/seismic engineering performance-based design, probabilistic seismic demand analysis
Member Jeff Rankin University of New Brunswick Construction engineering and management
Member Jean-Loup Robert Laval University Urban hydraulics
Member Naren K. Srivastava Universite de Moncton srivasn@gmailcom Structures, wind engineering, environmentally compatible structures
Observer A. O. Abd El Halim Carleton University Transportation
Observer Dambar Tiwari “Shiva” ND LEA Inc. Data/information exchange